Minggu, 30 Oktober 2011

Senggigi Beach

Lombok Island could be said as a wonderful place for tourism object. As we know, Senggigi Beach is one of the popular place to visit. It is 12 kilometers from northwest of Mataram City. Directly over looking the sea towards the strait of Lombok, Senggigi Beach became one of the center of the nautical tourism. Waves of the sea is calm and the sand is brown. The blue water could be a fun place to swim while enjoying views of Mount Agung which visible from this place. Not only that, the beach that stretches nearly 10 kilometers has a fresh air. We can do many activities such as swim, sunbathe, snorkeling, diving, or just play and make sand castles. The natural charm is more perfect when dusk come. The sun light presents a red color and slowly getting dark when the sun sink. This scenery make Senggigi looks fabulous and romantic. If you done with your activity at the beach, Senggigi offers you many restaurant, bar, and hotel. There are also three small island that can be visited, There are Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. Just disconnect from everyday life and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of bliss and relaxation.

RocketRockFriend Surabaya 2nd Anniversary

RocketRockFriend atau RRF adalah sebuah komunitas bagi mereka yang suka Rocket Rockers. yak. pernah denger Rocket Rockers kan? Band asal Bandung yang beranggotakan Aska - Lope - Ucay - Bisma - Ozom.
Tanggal 23 Oktober kemaren, RRF Surabaya ulangtahun yg kedua. Kita ngadain Mini Party di KFC Mayjen Sungkono (deketnya Sutos) dengan beberapa teman-teman RRF Surabaya. Langsung aja cek gaya2 narsis nan pede kita ya!

Rabu, 12 Oktober 2011

Being 21 years old

Si dia ulang tahun tanggal 15 oktober, nah aku rencana mau bikin surprise dengan ngumpulin foto temen-temennya plus ucapan buat dia..
dan ini dia hasilnya 

Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

Opinion on Fixie

I don't know much about fixie but i think fixie is a bike. it looks from its appeareance. it has bike's component such as handlebar, wheel, saddle, and two tires. the lacks are it has no brake and gear. when we ride it and we want to stop, we have to holding down and push the pedal to the rear. i think its a bit dangerous for the beginners. Fixie also has a thin wheel which made it easy to ride. Minimalist design is the characteristic of this bike. Nowadays, fixie not only use for a means of transportation, but also for lifestyle. We can see many teenagers ride fixie and even they have a community of fixie bike. Fixie has an eye-catchy color which make people interested.
So, the conclusion is fixie is just a bike, not a 'real' bike.

Minggu, 09 Oktober 2011

Equal Rights for Women

Russian women started to gain equality earlier than women in the United States. In the former Soviet Union, men and women had access to equal education and job opportunities that reflected the Soviet Philosophy. The 1937 Soviet constitution declared that women and men had equal rights and responsibilities when women joined the workforce. Because millions of Russian men were away in the military during World War II, Russian women filled their places at work. Although Soviet women worked full time at their jobs, they also had the primary responsibility for taking care of the family. After they finished their work, they had to shop, cook the evening meal, and perhaps wash, iron, or mend the family's clothes. U.S women started to demonstrate that they could do the work of men during World War II.