Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

Opinion on Fixie

I don't know much about fixie but i think fixie is a bike. it looks from its appeareance. it has bike's component such as handlebar, wheel, saddle, and two tires. the lacks are it has no brake and gear. when we ride it and we want to stop, we have to holding down and push the pedal to the rear. i think its a bit dangerous for the beginners. Fixie also has a thin wheel which made it easy to ride. Minimalist design is the characteristic of this bike. Nowadays, fixie not only use for a means of transportation, but also for lifestyle. We can see many teenagers ride fixie and even they have a community of fixie bike. Fixie has an eye-catchy color which make people interested.
So, the conclusion is fixie is just a bike, not a 'real' bike.

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